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Digital handheld multimeter with color graphical display, 1000V/10-20A AC/DC, 200kHz, 100kpts

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ASYC IV, MTX329x, MTX3290
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TRMS digital multimeter.
ASYC IV IP67 housing.
Large color graphical display.
Trends & multiple parameters display.
Voltage: 100mV to 1000V TRMS AC/DC.
Current: 1mA to 10A TRMS AC/DC (Up to 20A for 30s max.)
Basic DC accuracy: 0.01%.
100,000 counts display.
Bandwidth: DC-200kHz.
Memory: 6,500 measurements.
PC interface: IR-USB in standard, IR-Bluetooth in option.
Measures: Frequency, resistance, coninuity, diode test, capacitance, temperature (PT100/1000, K& J thermocouples).
FUnctions: Min, Max, Average, Peak, Relative, Stamp, Trend, Duty cycle, Pulse, etc...
CAT III 1000V / CAT IV 600V.
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436-Functions : Large display
449-Direct input for current probe : Ja
Zahl der Punkte (dgt) : 100 000 digits
173-ATEX : No
424-TRMS : Ja
462-Current : AC (Alternative)
DC (Continuous)
463-Voltage : AC (Alternative)
DC (Continuous)
Kommunikationsschnittstelle (Art) : USB
Genauigkeit (%) : 0.01% (Basic DC voltage)
Minimale DC Spannung (V) : 100mV DC
Minimale AC Spannung (V) : 100mV AC
Maximale DC Spannung (V) : 1000 V DC
Maximale AC Spannung (V) : 1000 V AC
Minimum DC Strom (a) : 1mA DC
Minimum Wechselstrom Strom (a) : 1mA AC
Maximum DC Strom (a) : 10 A DC (Max. 20A for 30s)
Maximum Wechselstrom Strom (a) : 10 A AC (Max. 20A for 30s)
Funktionen (Art) : Resistance
Continuity test
Diode test
Duty cycle
Spannung Auflösung (V) : nc
Multimeterbandbreite (Hz) : DC-200kHz
119-Safety Level : CAT III
Ueberspannungs sicherheit : CAT III 1000V / CAT IV 600V
Zusätzliche Eigenschaften : USB in standard
Bluetooth model in option
Color graphical display
Paket schließt ein : Softcase, 4x NiMH batteries, 1 AC charger, 1 set of test leads, 1 set of touch points, 1 USB optical cable, SX-DMM software, quick guide, user manual on CD
Groesse (HxBxT) : 196x90x47.1 mm
Nettogewicht (Kilogramm) : 570 g
Standardhersteller-Garantie (Jahr) : 3 JAHRE
MTX 3293 (ASYC IV)
The 1st multimeters with graphical colour screens
These portable multimeters with graphical colour display allow direct measurement of the main electrical quantities and show the trends instantaneously. They benefit from an innovative design making them compact, rugged, leakproof and comfortable to grip.
Their strengths lie in the product HMI, the advanced measurement functions and the help provided when measuring.

High-performance graphical multimeters...
• Easy-to-read 320 x 240-pixel colour matrix screen with black background
• Graphical display of the trends on a summary screen
• Trace, cursors and zoom on recordings
• Recording of 10 sequences

Dynamic loggers
• Storage of up to 6,500 measurements
• Simplified setting of the number of measurements, interval, duration and storage capacity
• Internal storage of measurement 10 sequences
• Interactive zoom function on the recordings
• A simple surveillance mode displaying the time/date-stamped MIN/MAX and AVG values

... And much more!
• Contextual reminder of the connections
• Normal USB communication or Bluetooth available as an option
• IP67 protection against water projections and dust, ideal for outdoor conditions
• Ni-MH AA rechargeable battery, the best solution in terms of quality and price
• Operation for up to 400 hrs on batteries with management of the battery charge level
• No time-wasting: the instrument operates while charging
  • Version (*) :
    • MTXMTX3293-STD - MTX3293, USB model
    • MTXMTX3293-BT - MTX3293, Bluetooth model (+ 61,00 € excl. MwSt.)

(* Pflicht Option)

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