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Multifunction installation controller, 0-600 V AC, 0.5 to 199.9MOhm at 500VDC, Earth with rods

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MX435 MX435DK MX435 DK MX435D MX435 DK
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Measurements in compliance with EN 61557, NF C 15-100, VDE0100...
Insulation: 0.5 to 199.9MOhm at 500VDC.
3P Earth: 0.0 to 1,999Ohm by the traditional 2-auxiliary-rod method. (Earth rods in option).
Earth loop: 0.1 to 19.99Ohm / 20 to 1.999kOhm.
Continuity: 0.10 to 19.99Ohm (I>200mA) with audible beep.
RCD test: 30mA/100mA/300mA/500mA/650 mA, 1 x Idn pulse mode.
Current and leakage current up to 200A using a clamp.
Voltage: 0 to 600VAC.
Earth rods kit (option): softcase, 2 18cm rods, 3 cables with alligator grips (20m red, 10m yellow, 5m green), supplementary cable.
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Probar el voltaje (V) : 500 V
Método de la medida (tipo) : With rod
Without rod
Aislamiento minuto (ohmio) : 500 kOhm
Máximo del aislamiento (ohmio) : 199.9 MOhm
Máximo de la medida del voltaje (V) : 600 V AC
Prueba diferenciada (a) : 30mA
Conduce la remuneración (Y/N) : No
Medida (tipo) : Earth
differential test
Autonomía (hora) : nc
119-Safety Level : CAT I
Sobretensión de seguridad : CAT III 300V
Características adicionales : Continuity
AC current and leakage current (By clamp: See associated products): 200A max.
Earth rods kit in option.
El paquete incluye : Carrying softcase for hands-free use, 1 set of 2 measurement leads 1.5 m long, 2 crocodile clips, 2 test probes, 1 measurement lead with 2P+T connector, rechargeable battery, AC adapter, 1 operating manual
Dimensionar (HxWxD) (milímetros) : 195x97x55 mm (MX435D)
Peso neto (kilogramo) : 670 g (MX435D)
Garantía estándar del fabricante (año) : 1 año

MX 435D  
Multi-function installation tester

Complete and lightweight, the MX 435D multi-function tester offers all the essential functions for checking the safety of electrical installations in accordance with the applicable standards: NF C 15-100,EN 61557 (1-2-4-5-6), VDE 0100, IEE 16 th, CEI 64-8, OVE EN-1, RBT MIE.
Specially designed for self-employed electricians, installers, certification organizations and maintenance teams, it represents a good compromise between price and performance.

Main technical specifications:
• Measurements:
-Insulation: 0.5 to 199.9 MΩ
-Continuity with buzzer: 0.10 to 19.99 Ω
-Insulation at 500 V: 0.50 to 199.9 Ω
-Earth resistance: 0.10 to 1,999 Ω
-Earth loop: 0.10 to 19.99 Ω / 20 to 1,999 kΩ
-RCD test: 30 mA / 100 mA / 300 mA / 500 mA / 650 mA calibres
1 x IΔn pulse mode
-Voltage: 0 to 600 VAC
-Current and leakage current (with clamp): 2 A / 200 A ranges
• Immediate, error-free connection thanks to colour coding of the terminals and the switch
• Fuseless protection against external voltages
• Electrical safety: IEC 61010, 300 V CAT III

Basic economic Earth Kit.

Softcase containing :
- 2x 18cm rods
- 3 cables with alligator clips ( 20 m red, 10 m yellow, 5 m green)
- supplementary cable

  • Earth kit :
    • MTXP01102019 - Standard earth rod kit (+ 76,00 € Sin tasas)
  • Continuity pole :
    • MTXP01102084 - contact pole for continuity measurement, Length: 0.90m (+ 67,00 € Sin tasas)

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