iR-Fusion technologie

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Fluke IR-Fusion Technology

Infrared and visible light images fused together on one display

IR-Fusion® Technology captures a visible light image in addition to the infrared image and takes the mystery out of IR image analysis. It helps to better identify and report suspect components and enable the repair to be done right the first time.

 IR-Fusion Building Flash Demo
IR-Fusion Industrial Flash Demo


See things both ways To communicate critical information, infrared images only are no longer enough. With revolutionary IR-Fusion® Technology, one can better identify details, manage and analyze images by combining both the infrared and visible light images. IR-Fusion technology simultaneously captures pixel-for-pixel infrared and visible light images and allows full image optimization with 5 different on-camera as well as software viewing modes.

5 viewing modes
Full IR – For troubleshooting and analyzing equipment and installations with very high resolution IR imaging. For detecting the smallest temperature variations to track down the origin of problems and fully document the extent of remediation. Full IR images are automatically linked to full visible light images.
Picture-in-picture – For creating an IR ‘window’ surrounded by a visible light frame to easily identify thermal anomalies, while maintaining a frame of reference with surroundings.
Alpha / Auto Blending – For combining visible and infrared images together in any ratio to create a single image with enhanced detail that will help in precisely locating problems.
IR/Visible Alarm – For displaying only temperatures that fall above, below, or in between a specified range as IR image, leaving the rest of the scene as a fully visible light image.
Full Visible Light – A bright, detailed pixel-for-pixel reference image of subject areas for documentation and reporting

Full IR Picture in Picture
Alpha/Auto Blending IR/Visible Alarm
Full Visible Light  

Not all IR-Fusion modes are available on camera with all models. Check with your local Fluke representative, Fluke web or product manual. All modes are available in the included SmartView(tm) software.

Automated reporting and powerful control
The real power behind IR-Fusion is the SmartView™ software. Capture and annotate hundreds of corresponding visible and infrared images in the field and quickly import them into the SmartView suite. Here, the images can be optimized for maximum communication value—adjusting imagery within IR-Fusion’s five display modes—perform sophisticated analysis, and produce professional reports quickly and easily. SmartView’s comprehensive reporting tools are fully customizable.

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