MultiSharp™ autofocus

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The MultiSharp™ technology of Fluke

The MultiSharp™ Focus delivers focus near and far in one image. Stop worrying about focus; simply point and shoot.

Focus is one of the most important aspects of thermography, and an out of focus image can give you data that can lead to misdiagnosis – costing you thousands. Worrying about focus is now obsolete, with MultiSharp™ focus, you get images automatically focused throughout the field of view, even if you start from a completely blurry target. That's because the camera takes multiple images and combines them to give you clear, accurate focus on targets near and far. Simply point and shoot.

MultiSharp™ Focus creates images focused throughout the camera's field of view, see the difference below.

Standard Focus MultiSharp™ Focus
Standard Focus MultiSharp™ Focus
Standard Focus MultiSharp™ Focus
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