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HandScope: 2 isolated ch. handheld scope, 40MHz, 50Msps, 2.5kpts, 2Mo, USB, color display

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For the SX-METRO PC software, drivers & USB cord, see the Kit version: OX5022-CK.
Compact handheld Scope with color display.
2 isolated channels.
Bandwidth: 40 MHz.
Sampling rate: 50 Msps (singleshoot), 2 Gsps (ETS).
Memory depth: 2.5 kpts.
Vertical resolution: 9 bits.
Functions: Scope, multimeter (8000 counts), harmonics analyzer (31 order).
Recording: 2MB, in multimeter: 2,700 measures (5min to 1 month).
TFT LCD 3.5" color display, backlighted.
USB communication, SCPI compliance (remote programmable with SX-METRO) (with OX5022-CK only).
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3-Number of analog channels : 2 Channels
4-Bandwidth (Hz) : 40 MHz
45-PC interface : USB
5-Sampling rate (S/s) : 50 Msps (one-shot); 2 Gsps (ETS)
6-Record Length (pts) : 2.5 kpts
10-Min. Vertical Sensitivity (mV/div) : 5 mV
11-Max. Vertical Sensitivity (V/div) : 200 V
98-Trigger (Type) : Pulse width
42-Logic channels (Nbr) : na
7-Vertical Resolution (Bits) : 9 Bits
18-Signal processing (FFT) : No
26-Mathematic functions (Y/N) : Yes
466-Mathematic functions : Channel inversion, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (adjustable scaling)
25-Autonomy : 8 hours 30 min
119-Safety Level : CAT I
120-Safety Overvoltage : CAT III 600V
88-Display : 3.5” colour TFT LCD screen – Resolution 320x240 –LED backlighting
36-Additional Characteristics : 2 isolated channels.
Color display.
3-in-1: scope, grapchical multimeter, harmonics analyzer.
132-Package includes : 1x 1/10 600V probe, 1x BNC/banana adapter, 1 set of test leads with touch points & alligator clips, 1x AC adapter, 6x NiMh AA battéries, 1x "hands-free" carrying softcase, user & programming manual on CD-ROM
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) : 214x110x57 mm
13-Net Weight : 1.2 kg
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty : 3 YEARS


The oscilloscope which fits in one hand
The shockproof, IP54, HANDSCOPE OX 5042 oscilloscope fits comfortably in one hand.
This ergonomic instrument is also equipped with a colour screen and LED backlighting for precise data display. To make it simpler to use, integrated multilingual help is available at all times.

The HANDSCOPE combines three measuring instruments in 1 on 2 channels:
- 40 MHz oscilloscope
- Independent 8,000-count multimeter with power measurements,
- Built-in 31-order harmonic analyser (fundamental between 40 and 450Hz).

2 MB are available for recording data and, in multimeter mode, it is possible to store graphic recordings of 2,700 measurements (5 min to 1 month).

Isolated USB communication with the SCPI protocol is available. This makes it simple to program the instrument remotely with the SX-METRO software.

These products have been developed using an Eco-Design approach to reduce their environmental impact. They come with a 3-year warranty.

Technical Specifications

Handscope OX 5022

Handscope OX 5042

Man-Machine Interface (MMI)

      Type of display

3.5" colour TFT LCD screen – Resolution 320x240 – LED backlighting

       Display mode

2,500 real acquisition points on screen

     On-screen display of curves

2 curves+ 2 references + stored trace or mathematical calculation


Direct adjustments on front panel & screen menus via browser (main & secondary without "hidden menus")

      Integrated interactive help

11 languages: French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Romanian, Russian, Finnish, Polish, Dutch, etc.

Oscilloscope Mode

   Vertical deflection


20 MHz 40 MHz

      Bandwidth limiter

1.5 MHz, 5 kHz

      Number of channels

2 totally-solated channels

      Input impedance

1 MΩ ±0.5%, approx. 17 pF

      Maximum input voltage

600 V CAT III – Derating -20dB per decade from 100 kHz

      Vertical sensitivity

5 mV to 200 V/div

   Horizontal deflection

      Sweep speed

25 ns/div to 200 s/div – Roll mode from 100 ms to 200 s/div

      Horizontal zoom

Zoom factor: x1, x2, x5



Automatic, triggered, one-shot and Triggered Roll


Edge, pulse width (20 ns – 20 s)


AC or DC (depending on coupling of triggering channel), HF, LF or Noise rejection


≤ 1.2 divisions p-p up to 20 MHz ≤ 1.2 divisions p-p up to 40 MHz

   Digital memory

      Maximum sampling rate

2 GS/s in ETS mode – 50 MS/s in one-shot mode on each channel

      Vertical resolution

9 bits

      Memory depth

2,500 points per channel

      User memory

2 MB for storing trace (.trc), text (.txt), configuration (.cfg) and image (.bmp) files

      GLITCH mode

Duration ≥ 20 ns – 1,250 Min/Max pairs

      Display modes

Envelope, Averaging (Factors 2 to 64) and XY (vector)

   Other functions

      MATH functions

Channel inversion, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (adjustable scaling)

      Cursor measurements

2 cursors: V, T, dV, dT simultaneously – 4-digit display resolution

      Automatic measurements

18 time-based or level measurements and Phase measurements

Multimeter Mode

      General specifications

2 channels, 8,000-count display + min/max bargraph – Graphical recording of 2,700 measurements (5 min to 1 month)

      Operating modes

Absolute or relative display (absolute, deviation, ref, ref%) – Monitoring (instantaneous, Min, Max, Avg)

      AC, DC and AC+DC voltages

Ranges from 600 mV to 600 VRMS, 800 mV to 800 VDC – VDC accuracy 1%Reading+20D – bandwidth 50 kHz


Range from 80 Ω to 32 MΩ - accuracy 2%Reading+10D – 10 ms quick continuity test


Ranges from 5 nF to 5 mF – basic accuracy 2%Reading+10D

      Other measurements

Frequency, rotation speed, 3.3 V diode test, temperature measurement (with K thermocouple and infrared probe)


Single-phase and balanced three-phase active power (with or without neutral), simultaneous display of current

Harmonic Analyser Mode

      Multi-channel analyses

2 channels, 31 orders, fundamental frequency from 40 to 450 Hz

      Simultaneous measurements

Total VRMS, THD and selected order (%fundamental, phase, frequency, VRMS)

General Specifications


Up to 100 files in standard ".bmp" format, displayable on the instrument

      PC communication

Optically-isolated USB interface – Supplied with "SX-Metro" application software for PC

      Power supply

6 x LR6 batteries ou 6 NiMh AA rechargeable batteries – Battery life up to 8.5 hours – Universal mains adapter isolated from the channels – Fast charging in 3 hrs

      Safety / EMC

Safety as per IEC61010-1 Ed3 – 600 V CAT III – EMC as per EN61000-3, 2001 & EN61326-1, 2006

      Mechanical specifications

214x110x57mm – 1.2 kg with batteries – moulded elastomer casing, IP54 protection


3 years



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